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Students will be able to create 3D models using Paint 3D for this course. They will learn all the components of a 3D model, such as Texture Mapping, 3D Scene Set-Up and how to create Custom 3D Stickers, which can act as a texture stamp on a 3D model. The program allows students to publish and share their work into the Paint 3D Community, allowing you to build a fantastic portfolio of 3D models and use other people's models in your work.
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VR Game Design
Students will be broken into separate teams to develop their first holographic application using the Microsoft HoloLens. Students will learn how to use a multitude of programs such as Unity and Maya, learn languages like C# and learn about emerging technology. Students will learn about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. How they differ and the importance of how altering your reality will impact the future.
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Project Security
Project Security allows students to understand the importance of cyber security and how to avoid getting hacked through a powerful website security app that will protect your website from hackers, attacks and other threats. It could protect your website from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injection), Mass Requests (Flood / DDOS), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, Spammers, Malicious Files (Shells) and many other types of threats.
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Run a classroom like a business
Enter the simulation of a start up agency. Take responsibility for your team and function as a well oiled machine to meet deadlines and present products. This course reveals the industry expectations of present day companies. Students will receive real company roles, have weekly board meetings and learn how to collaboratively work on projects together. This student enrichment course will prepare students for the future and build new skills on the way.
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Connected Things
Centralize the environment around you. Simplify the life by collecting and analyzing everyday data. With connected things courses, everyone can create a smart home. Custom smart devices constructed in the classroom can monitor health, temperature, and fire safety. Additionally, students will learn to create smart devices on par with expensive industry equivalents such as Philips Hue, Wemo, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa becoming industry professionals straight out of school.
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Web Design Decoded
Web Design Decoded is a program that will allow students to create their own personal websites. The platforms that they will use are intuitive and easy to use. Giving students the ability to learn code in a more efficient and fun way. Our platforms give students the proper tools to be the best entrepreneur they can be. Become a proficient developer in a few months with this extensive and comprehensive course that goes over the essentials of full stack development.

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