Take the Fiction out of Science Fiction with Webguyz

WebGuyz is introducing new methods of learning, giving a classroom the proper tools and infrastructure to learn effectively. We are involving students to the community of emerging technology to understand the future of technology. Introducing a new method of teaching where we equip all our students with the proper skills needed to take on the hurdles of the workplace.

Allowing students to experience real world environments is a vital part to their success.
Students will be able to collaborate with other students in a professional environment.
Students will receive technological skills, state-of-the-art tools and experience to add to their arsenal of knowledge

VR/AR/MR Education

Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities are useful tools, and perhaps even a productive enhancements to human interaction, bringing together people from around the world to engage and interact — regardless of social, economic or geographic disparities

Incredibly intuitive way to explore the human heart on the new Microsoft HoloLens
Make a connection between the textbook concepts and the observational experiments
Uses interactive 3D models to provide a new kind of visual learning for students
Lets you paint in 3D with virtual reality
A unique tool for explaining the phenomena and processes that are so much difficult to describe verbally
Easily create multi-column layouts in your content
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Prepare Students for Success

Cisco Networking Academy identifies and develops the skills people and businesses need to thrive in a digital economy. We work with educators, employers, and technology experts to create courses that prepare students for the future.


The Cisco Networking Academy puts everything you need to deliver a top-quality IT skills and career building program into a single online learning platform. 1 million people log in each month to learn and teach. 20,000 instructors have become certified to teach the Networking Academy curriculum.


Cisco Networking Academy provides support and training through a distributed network of learning institutions and online communities. Most questions can be answered by posting them to the learning platform communities or on the Facebook page. 1 million people log in to the learning platform each month to learn, teach, and support each other.

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Cisco Partnership

 Our Cisco Partnership allows us to run industry grade certification programs which allows students (Middle School to College) to take these courses to gain real world experience and applicable knowledge. Using the partnership we can certify high school students before they enter college in the designated courses they are in, from Animation to Cyber-security to Web Design Decoded to VR/AR/MR. With these certificates they will be eligible enough to teach what they learned inside of schools. 

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